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Walleye Fishing on Red Lake with lodging at The Hill and Motel in Squaw Lake.Red Lake is one of Minnesota’s great fishing lakes. The Red Lake walleye fishery offers the opportunity to fish for Minnesota’s state fish – the walleye. Walleye abundance has increased dramatically from the mid-1990’s when the walleye population crashed. Walleye fry stocked in 1999, 2001, 2003, 2006 and subsequent years as part of the recovery plan established a large population of young fish, and DNR test netting indicates the stocking was a huge success. Now those fish are mature and contributing to natural reproduction.

An expanded walleye bag limit on Upper Red Lake for 2017 is another positive indicator for the fishery in its forward evolution from a complete walleye collapse in the late 1990s.
Anglers fishing Upper Red Lake in northwestern Minnesota during the winter of 2017 will be able to keep four walleye of which only one may be longer than 17 inches,according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. These regulations are necessary to comply with the Harvest Plan for Red Lakes walleye between the State of Minnesota and the Red Lake Nation.

Red Lake is actually two shallow basins totaling 275,000 acres and had been a successful commercial, sport, and subsistence fishery for most of the 20th century. Its walleye population, however, began to fluctuate widely by the 1970s due to overharvest. This boom-and-bust cycle finally busted for good in the early 1990s. To heal the ailing lake, state, federal, and tribal resource managers joined together in 1999 to develop the Red Lake Recovery Plan. They prescribed a total walleye harvest moratorium, stepped-up enforcement, and science-based fry stocking. And they let nature take its course.

In addition to special walleye regulations, a special harvest regulation for northern pike is also in place. There is a daily bag/possession limit of three fish. Additionally, a slot limit requires all fish 26-44 inch to be released and only one fish over 44 inches is allowed in possession.

Please remember that those portions of Red lake located within the Red Lake Indian Reservation are closed to non-band members except by special authorization of the tribal council. The actual boundary is not a true north-south line. To simplify, it is recommended that State anglers stay east of the longitudinal coordinate of 94° 43’ 12.0” W
to ensure they are on State waters. When fishing near the reservation boundary, using a GPS unit will ensure compliance.

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